Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Day With Arab Boys

Well this happened about late June of this year. I was hanging out at the beach Outer Banks of NC and surfing and letting my brain cool off. I had been chatting in one of the chatrooms with this guy from Jacksonville NC and was willing to drive down to meet him. We had setlled all the necessary shit and I took off on Friday morning having planned out my trip which by the way was going to be long and on 2 lane roads just about the whole way. Well I got to Jacksonville without any major mistakes and gassed up my BMW and got a snack along the way we had planned on going out to dinner and then doing some club for a bit with no strings on sex set forth by both of us. Well I get to his place and he's just like the pictures he sent me a very hot guy. We sit and talk a bit and have a beer . Well lets say that over dinner I came to find out that we should not be spending any more time together. I've never ever seen anyone so rude to service workers or high minded in my life. Now those of you that have been following my writing know i'm from the good side of the tracks and i've been around my share of snobs and assholes. Well this guy ends up being a class `A' asshole. I regreted leaving my car at his apt. complex but was relaxed and not willing to create a scene. I just asked him to take me to my car after dinner , and I left a 20.00 on the table after the jerk left a 5 dollar tip. I told him I had forgotten something I needed and he readily agreed to go back by his place. I really think he figured we would skip the club and just get jiggy. Well when we got to my car I told him thanks for dinner but I was gona head back up the coast. He blew shitty , I mean real first class shitty. I almost thought for a minute it was going to come to blow's. Thankfully I got into my car and just drove off with several of his neighbors looking on as he yelled and screamed at me. Well anyway here I am in a strange town and it's late and i'm not looking forward to driving home down the sucky roads. I figure that i'll go along for a while and stop at a hotel along the way I saw a bunch of them , the mom and pop one's and some chain stuff to. It was about midnight when I stopped at the Quick Inn and filled up the BMW. I did the credit card thing and when it was done I walked into the mart and grabbed a So'be drink and a couple of granola bars and went to the register. There at the register was this guy dark black hair real dark eyes and a deep dark complexion, not a black guy , this guy was middle eastern. Yea a terrorist for sure. He had a nice build and lots of cologne on. He rang me up and I paid him and he said in tough broken english , how much he liked my car. He said he hoped to work hard enough to own one just like it one day. He said that I must be rich to have such a fine car. I told him actually that it was my mom's car and I liked it so much I just never gave it back to her. I asked him if it would be alright if I changed my clothes in the bathroom? He said that he would rather I did not but that I could change in the backroom . I explained that I had been on a date that went really bad and prefered to have on loose shorts and a tee to slacks and a dress shirt. He said he prefered to look nice all the time. I got my bag out of the car and walked in and he showed me to the backroom and stood in the door as I took my shirt off. He showed a nice bulge in his slacks and was really quite good looking. I decided to play the game a bit and took off my pants and socks and then dropped my boxers and folded each of them and then took out a muscle tee and a pair of running shorts out of my bag. I turned to face him showing my cock and balls to him and he openly looked and smiled showing a growing cock in his own pants. I put my clothes into my bag and then as my cock got hard said to him , you like? He says to me , do you like? I say actually yea I do like , show me what i'm gonna like guy. He looked out and walked to the front door and locked it and then walked to the backroom door and stepped in and pulled up his shirt and showed a nice chest with a fair amount of black hair. He quickly shucked trou and tight white briefs and out flopped and I mean flopped a huge fucking snake of a cock. Just the tip of the head was sticking out of the foreskin. He gave me this wicked smile and stroked himself and said , it's beeeg is it not. I said oh yea dude it's fucking huge. He said to me you want to suck? I got on my knees and attempted to blow him and to be honest it was just to damn fat to do much with. He said he was used to that really not to worry , he really wanted to fuck me anyway. I said dude there is no way your gonna get that fucking monster up my ass. He grinned and said he could and would get it up my ass. He walked past me and came back with a huge can of crisco. I said whoa man , hold the fuck on , he said it was ok, he knew what he was doing, I said to him you fuck lots of guys? He says yea, he can only get fat ugly girls to fuck him but he can fuck all the gay guys he wants. I said to him well you ain't fucking this guy buddy. He stood in front of me blocking my way out and said you know you want me to fuck you and stroked that fucking beast. He took some of the grease and rubbed it on my cock and stroked me and his hand brought me to full hard. I wished my body and mind were on the same page but I was truly scared of that cock. He said to me bend over the boxes and relax. I said what , he said in a forceful voice turn around, I complied with him but am not sure why I did and he rubbed his greasy fingers thru my ass and poked a greasy finger into my asshole. He kept applying more and more of the crisco to my ass and balls and cock and I was laying on the boxes and spreading my legs and really enjoying him working 2 then 3 then 4 fingers up my ass. I told him condoms only guy and I watched him tear open a magnum and had trouble getting onto that bloated tool. He then took more of the crisco and stroked himself. I felt him place the head of it against my hole and press in. I willed myself to relax and open up. I thought I was gonna die. Several times I told him to hold on , just fucking hold on but he never did he pushed and pushed until that beast was in my hole and I could feel him holding my hips in his greasy hands. He fucked me like he hated me , man it was so fucking hot. He was speaking in arabic or something but it was nasty sounding and very well humiliating. He worked me over long fucking me and just tearing my prostate up. I couldn't help it when I came, and man did I come my orgasm just rolled over me like a freight train. I knew as well as felt my orgasm. I could feel my cock spewing cum all over the place. He continued to abuse my hole with out letting up a bit. I struggled a bit to get away and told him he had to stop, he was killing me . He pulled out of my tourtered hole and pushed me around and down on the floor and held me by the head and ripped off the greasy condom and stroked his meat and blew a gooey load all over my hair and face. He did not really cum alot and as he stroked the forskin back and forth over his cock it lost it's hardness and drooped alot. He then wiped his hand on my hair and said get up get dressed. I stood on shakey legs and pulled up my running shorts and used my tee as a towel to wipe my face. He said to me now you leave. I said sure. He pulled up his pants and walked to the door and unlocked it. I grabbed my stuff off the counter and walked out the door and opened up the trunk and got out a towel and some wipes. I cleaned up a bit and tossed the wipes on the parking lot. He sat and watched me as I pulled down my shorts and wiped up my ass some and then took another towel and draped it on the seat and sat down. I sat in the car and put the window down and smiled at him and he it seemed sneered at me and I pulled out the lot. I went for about another 30 or so minutes and found a microtel and got a room. I washed up in the tub and then filled it up with hot water and soaked and thought that was probably the wildest fuck I have ever had. He might have thought he was having all the fun but as I lay there and tried to jerk off my cock was to spent to respond. I crawled into bed and slept till mid day the next day. My ass was sore for three more days but i'm tempted to go for that ride again soon.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

The Lizard

It was Friday evening when Luca was on his way to the Gondi-Palazzo. Sandro would arrive this evening and he needed to prepare the room. To his surprise the heavy wooden gate was already open when Luca turned the key. He crossed the yard where Sandro's motorbike was still standing under an awning, but the large palm tree had received fresh water. He went further on and entered the hall. "Hello?" he called and jumped when a man came around the corner, wiry, with sun burnt skin and a straw hat upon his head.

"You must be Luca", he said, his bushy, silvery hair poured from under the hat. "I'm Fran, the housekeeper and ardener. Alessandro told me that you would be coming sometime."

Luca stretched out his hand but the long white lily he carried was in the way. Fran shook it. "That isn't necessary", he smirked and Luca felt embarrassed. "For Alessandro?" Fran took the lily carefully and examined it. "You need to remove the yellow anthers. I hope you haven't smeared your clothes. If you have, it will stain."

Hastily Luca looked himself up and down. He couldn't dream what his mother would say if he came home with another set of tainted clothes, but he seemed to be clean.

"Come into the kitchen."

Luca followed and watched Fran slip into his gardening gloves and nipped off the anthers. "Alessandro has left money for me to fill the fridge. And I covered the furniture since the palazzo is deserted now." He turned. A dozen of wrinkles framed his eyes and the skin of his face was like leather; the result of years in the sun. "Anastasia told me about you."

"How is she?"

"Well, thanks. We enjoy the fresh air in the hills."

Luca envied him instantly but he smiled. "Please give her my greetings."

Fran nodded. "I will. Well, check the grocery if you're in need of anything else while there's still time. I'm off then."

Luca went upstairs after he had examined the fridge and opened the door leading to the loggia. Fran had left a good feeling inside him. There were people still who didn't despise him for being what he was. Fran certainly knew the story of Anastasia's son.

Luca checked the bathroom then, came back with a handful of condoms and lubricant and hid them under the bed clothes. The lily he placed upon it and grinned.

His leather suit was still waiting for him in Sandro's wardrobe and so far nobody had noticed the cross he was always wearing. The chain was long enough to hide it.

Two hours later - Luca was sitting in the kitchen where he could watch the yard - Alessandro opened the gate and drove the Ferrari in. Luca was out like lightning and draped himself over the closed car door, falling into Alessandro's arms. "I see you missed me."

"You could have called to say when you'd arrive."

" I'm here now." Alessandro looked at Luca. "What have you done with your hair?" He combed it with his fingers.

"Oh, that's a long story. I know it looks shitty."

"Certainly not. It will grow again, don't worry. But what happened?" Alessandro dropped out of the car.

"Football match, I told you I was going."

"Madonna! Did they start fireworks?"

"Sort of. I'll tell you later." Luca pulled Alessandro through the door and into the kitchen. "Are you hungry?"

"Sure I am. For you." He pulled Luca closer and unbuttoned his shirt. "I hope there are no further damages, eh?" He took the cross into his palm and smiled. Luca giggled when Alessandro unzipped his jeans and cupped his butt cheeks with his palms. He felt nothing. "Forgot your underpants? Ah, what's that?" He let Luca's trousers glide over his hips and revealed one of Alessandro's black strings. "Wow."

"I hope you don't mind", Luca said indistinctly because his lips were covered by Alessandro's. He felt Sandro's fingers massaging the shaft of his penis and it was raising in his fist within a second. He tried to free his legs from his jeans but failed due to his shoes. Alessandro felt him struggling, so he bent down and tugged at Luca's shoes. But instead of coming to his feet again he devoured Luca's cock, that filled out the front of the string, lavishing it through the fabric, up and down like licking an ice cone. Luca moaned and dug his fingers into lessandro's hair.

"You should keep it, it looks better on you than on me." Alessandro left Luca suddenly, rose and chased him upstairs where he stopped in front of the bed, looking down. "A lily? How sweet." He took it and sniffed, but it was without any scent.

"Prince of the lilies. I had some trouble because of that", Luca mumbled.

Alessandro hadn't heard him. He turned, smiled and pulled Luca into an embrace. At the same time he tried to undress himself, and finally fell with Luca between the sheets. "Ouch, what's that?" Alessandro struggled to reveal what Luca had hidden under the cover. "Ah!!! You think we'll have any use for this?" He held up the tube of lubricant and rinned devilishly. Then he crawled upon Luca's body, naked except for the string, and started one of his first class seductions.

Luca was on the brink of orgasm, but he tried not to bite into Alessandro's member that was dangling from above into his mouth. His hand stroked Sandro's bum and one finger was piercing his anus. Alessandro grunted with pleasure and Luca knew he mustn't stop now. The next minute a hot gush of semen flooded into his sucking mouth, flowing down his throat and he swallowed. How easy he got used to it, he thought briefly when a rapid series of convulsions shook his own body and he released himself into Sandro's mouth. Sandro fell aside, his face buried into Luca's abdomen,
sucking white drops from the tip of Luca's penis. "I certainly missed this."

"It's just been a week", Luca mumbled exhausted. Though he still hadn't had e ough, and his aching penis yearned for more. He had forgotten how horny he could be. Even if it had been just a week. Sandro was still sucking gently, stopping Luca's penis to shrivel. Luca copied Sandro's actions, stroking his smooth buttocks and outlining the rim of his anus. Alessandro moaned quietly, but then he said "What caused you harm at the football match then?"

"A hooligan who's unfortunately my class mate. He'd already made nasty comments about you and me."

Alessandro lifted his head. "You and me?"

Luca's penis felt cold without the caress. "Don't stop", he demanded.

"Yeah, but what did he say? What does he know...?"

"He knows nothing, he just guessed. Said I would be your lap dog who follows you everywhere."

"And called you names, right?" Alessandro turned over to face Luca. He kissed him deeply. "Can you stand up for yourself?"

"I do. I admitted nothing and since he didn't show up at lessons for thelast two days, I guess he's still in custody. He started a fire", he added.Alessandro chewed at Luca's under lip and humped slightly into Luca's abdomen. Luca responded. "Well then, the first thing you have to learn isnot to be ashamed of what you are. No matter what others say."

Luca was silent. "With the result of being beaten up on a street?"

"Sshht, let's not talk about that now." His fingers had found Luca's hole,stroked and opened it. Then his head anished between Luca's legs andstarted to lick. "Where did you put that lube?"

Sated and satisfied Luca later purred in Alessandro's arms. He had put hishead close to Sandro's and let his fingers ander over his lover's chest.

"What's the name of that hooligan?"

"Raniero .... why?"

"You said he didn't show up again? Perhaps he was expelled from school

"I certainly hope so. Though Coppo said nothing about that."


"My teacher. Professore Coppo Travisero. He's a friend of my father."

Alessandro freed himself from Luca's embrace and lay upon him. "So you already have good connections, eh?" he grinned. His hand had found Luca'smember and stroked it again to full erection. "I could do this for thewhole weekend", he whispered into Luca's ear.

"Why not?"

"I've been here before", Alessandro said, as they passed Palazzo Torrigiani and its museum La Specola.
"God, no, really?" Luca exclaimed. "You've seen those anatomic wax models
of humans?"

"Well, sure. I've seen the 'The skinned', it was a model for the lymphatic system."

Luca muttered something, taking Alessandro's hand subconsciously. "Giano was here many times, but I guess, as dottore-to-be he's interested in such things. I would had vomited."

Alessandro laughed. It was a cool day, and a welcomed change after the hot days at the start of June. After an extended brunch they had decided to take Masolino's diary with them to visit the main work of him and Masaccio: the chapel Brancacci at the Carmine church.

"You think this was the family palazzo of Torrigiani?" Luca asked.

Alessandro looked at him. "You mean THE Torrigiani? Michelangelo's classmate at the Medici-garden? I don't know. Perhaps."

"I've read he was a foe of Michelangelo and broke his nose in a fight."

"That's right, gioia. Right here in the Brancacci-chapel where they made sketches to learn about perspective. Michelangelo laughed at Torrigiani's sketches and they started to fight. He was burnt by the Spanish inquisition later. I think the free Florentine spirit didn't go well with the pious Spanish Catholicism." Alessandro avoided the area of Santo Spirito because this was the hang out of his buddies, so they made a detour through shady alleys and winding yards. Near the Carmine church he stopped and pressed Luca's back against a house wall, next to hanging, blue loxinias.

"Have I told you that I'm coming with Giano and mother to Pisa next week ?" Luca started, but Alessandro pressed his body to his own and started to snog with him. Luca gasped but submitted. It was at that moment when a boy and a girl stepped out of the archway two houses away. The boy stopped in his tracks and squinted his eyes. He saw two lads kissing each other and he clutched the hand of his girlfriend tightly. "What's the matter, Tris?" she said.

Tristano stood rooted to the spot and couldn't believe it. It was certainly Luca who had his hands around the waist of the other guy who could only be Alessandro di Gondi-Lucertola. His heart beat fast.

"Gays, does it bother you?" Carolina said, pulling Tristano away. "Do you think your granny liked the chocolate?" Tristano said nothing, he was too perplexed and all of a sudden the day was hot like in August. His face flushed and he felt the presence of his girlfriend annoying. He wished he was alone.

But then, Caro grabbed his hand and drew him away.

"Great", Alessandro mumbled, not releasing Luca's lips. "I take it you'll stay overnight then?"

"If I can?"

"You have to. We'll find a place." He humped his abdomen into Luca's and Luca knew that Sandro was still horny, despite their activities during the night and in the early morning. Both hadn't noticed that they had been watched.

The Carmine Church raised high and unadorned in front of them. It was a plain Carmelite church, rejecting with its brown pietra forte stone. The famous chapel had to be entered from outside and a group of tourists already waited in front of it. "Crap, always those tourists. We never have Florence for our own", Alessandro said.

"Let's wait then until they have gone", Luca suggested, pointing to a street cafe. They ordered two waters and two cappuccini and Luca opened Masolino's diary. He had protected it with a plastic cover. "Did you know that the church had burnt down in 1771? Only the two opposite chapels survived, one of them was the Brancacci-chapel. Well, there was damage, the big wooden frames between the frescoes had burnt and the paintings were discoloured at the rims. Then they wanted to tear it down, but the German painter Menzel who was here in Florence begged the government not to do so, because it was something that was irrecoverable."

Alessandro nodded, sipping at his coffee. "I know. The government of those times must have been idiots. Well, at least they relented and started to renovate the frescoes. Have you been here since the last renovation?"

Luca shook his head. They had lasted for many years, and he had heard that it was a miracle. The colours were fresh as the day when Masolino and Masaccio had painted them.

After twenty minutes they decided to have another try. Alessandro knew that the amount of people who were allowed to enter the chapel, was limited due to the humidity. When they had paid their entrance fee, the tourist group was still standing in front of the chapel, but were about to leave.

"It is because of their narrative density and the perspective depiction that this cycle has such a high rating in the history of painting", Luca heard the tourist guide explain in a Neapolitan dialect. "Masaccio was never carried away by the graceful classical vein. The faces of his apostles are rough and powerful. Adam and Eve of his hand built a concrete opposite to the same pair painted by Masolino, who had never painted a more expressive Eve."

Alessandro watched the tourists, standing a little aside, saw they were leafing through booklets, examining cards, fumbling with their cameras, although it was strictly forbidden to take photos, chattering low and looked as if they would like to be somewhere else. He sighed inwardly. The tourist guide wasn't at all what he hoped for himself to become. If you liked full attention you don't have to simply recount the facts.

"From Brunelleschi Masaccio acquired a knowledge of mathematical proportion. From Donatello he imbibed a knowledge of classical art that led him away from the prevailing Gothic style. He inaugurated a new naturalistic approach to painting that was concerned less with details and ornamentation, more with simplicity and unity, less with flat urfaces more with the illusion of three dimensionality. Together with Brunelleschi and Donatello he was a founder of the Renaissance." Involuntarily Luca peered at the walls, to see if she was right. Of course she was right, he thought. He pulled out the diary. If the guide knew what he held in his hands she would jump for joy. The original diary of Masolino da Panicale.... the painter of this chapel they were standing in... six hundred and twenty two years ago.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Palestinians Encounter

hi i am 25 years old, originally greek, i work for a diplomatic mission in Israel, and has been living there for the past 2 years. One thing i loved about being in the middle east is how guys have the complete freedom to hang out together without the need for having girls around them, and The palestenians are no exception to that. Being gay i felt horny every time i saw an arab guy walking round, but never dared to make a move, i always feared that i would be beaten once manhood is sth u cant insult in for arabs.. very little i knew that An arab never considers himself as GAY if he is top... being top means you are a MAN... As a part of the work i did, i had to spend a few nights every month in Refugee camps, and i areas where the conflict was high, and of course since these areas were so poor, my work arranged for me to stay at some of the local families houses. These houses were usually small, and i some cases the whole family slept in a one room apartment.. It was a Friday night when i arrived at the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza, after i crossed the border between israel and palestine, i was supposed to me welcomed by NASER (Victor in english) a 28 yrs old guy... and indeed he was there,,, the moment i saw him, i got an erection, he was the arabian prince of my dreams, a real hunk, i couldent help not looking at his huge cock hidden under the tight jeans,, he had goatee which was also a huge turn on for
me,,, Naser greeted me and said that for the next 2 daysw i will be sharing his room at their house. he took my bag and we started talking, he told me how hard life was for him there, how his family suffers ,,, of course i was there to help as much as i could, but one thing i wanted more was to be on my kneees licking his balls and sucking his cock, but i was so scared , How can i start sth like that?? They would kill me if i even dared to do sth!!! I met his family and we talked
over a very simple dinner.. at 22.00 pm Naser told me that i had 2 options .. one was that we could stay home watch some tv, and play cards, or second we could go to the local coffee house, smoke NARGILA ,and meet with his friends, i of course chose the second option,, i couldent resist the idea of being round so many arab hunks...Anyway, we entered the coffee place which was filled with men, from all ages.. Naser introduced me to AYMAN and AHMAD who didnt speak a word of english, they said sth the moment they saw me, and then they commented on how soft my hands were... we drank tea, and smoked nargilla, and out of the blue, Naser
said that his friend ahmad wants to know if i ever had sex ,,, and of course i said yes and that i had it many times ... they were so excited and wanted to know details.. i managed to get them horny with my stories, i could see the result under their pants. they were trying hard to hide it.. and then i started my side of the game, and i asked if they had any sexual experience with girls, and they all said NO, Ahmad said that its forbidden to have sex before marriage, and at the time being they cant afford getting married since they hardly earn money to feed themselves.. I dont know where i got the courage from and i said " well its hard to find girls everywhere, but in europe, u can easily find beautiful guys to suck you and even u can fuck them,!finding men is easier than girls, and ts more hot! too bad you dont have that here... NASER laughed and felt shy, he explained what i said to his friends, who were all shocked, Ayman said this is HARAM (against religion) .. and NASER replied :the life we live in is haram, iam 28 years old, and i still do it with my hand..I was so happy inside, i knew sth was turning inside of the 2 guys (ayman didnt
seem intrested after 10 minuts he excused himself and left) but the other guys wanted to know how it feels being sucked and how does it feel fucking hot ass... of course i was happy telling them, . Suddenly Ahmad said sth to NASER and the two seemd to argue about sth (later i knew that AHMAD told NASER to ask me if i ever sucked cock) .. since NASER refused to ask me, AHMAD did it using his hands, i was walking on 7th cloud then.. i quickly said well only once (of course i lied) i was watching their huge cocks swelling all the time... I sure knew what the guys
wanted and i wasnt gonna loose a chance like this... so i said to NASER. tell Ahmad i can do him a favour nd show him how it happens if he promises not to tell anyone... Naser turned red, and he said in a low voice,, will u show me too? Oh My GOD,,,i couldent believe what was happening to me, here i was infront of 2 hot , fucking sexy arab studs, and they wanted me to suck them,, Soon all 3 of us were fucking horny,, and we needed to find a place where i would show them my experiment.Then Naser said, that we can all go back to his room, tell his parents that we will play cards, and that after playing cards, i will do some work, in which Ahmad and Naser will help with (he told his parents that Ahmad and him will telll me their stories with the israeli occupation and that i will write these storie in a newspapare in europe)Nasers parents were a very nice couple in their late 50's , time was almost midnight, so the said goodnight.. and we went into Nasers rooom.. Both guys were so shy, they sat at the side of the bed ( a very small bed) . Ibroke the silence and said, well have u changed your mind?? NO of course no, said Ahmad, but what are we supposed to do. I told them well, if we were at my place , i would say take off ur clothes, but since we dont want to risk, i would stay stand with ur backs to the wall, unzip and let me take control of the rest, if u dont like what i will do to u, just tell me to stop..
with that we agreed, they both stood up, Naser said that he wanted a dim he turned on the lights and opened the small lamp on his desk. He was so tense. i went down on my knees, touched their behinds, and i said that they had wonderful behinds, they had their pants unzipped, i could see the cocks, struggeling to get out of their underwear,, i didnt keep them waiting, i took out my tongue and started licking their cocks from above the fabric of their underwear.. AHMAD moaned and i started seeing a wet spot on his underwear,,, ididnt want to loose anything coming out from those 2 hot suasages, i quickly removed the undewear and took his cock in my mouth,, soon Ahmad was moaning, he tried as much as he could to keep it low, Naser was playing with his cock, and he said,, please do me now, of course i gladly did..i sucked them so well, that it didnt take them more than a minute to shoot, i swallowed with so much passion, they were both shocked, happy and horny for more, it was a minute later that i had both their cocks in my mouth again, licking their balls, sliding my hands down their undewear, playing with their buttocks..i wa in heaven and so were they.. I told them to take of their panst, i wanted to get more, i wanted to eat their arses. i slid my tongue up Nasers hole, he moaned and moaned, and then did the same to Ahmad, they wanted to cum again. and of course my mouth was ready to recieve all... I loved so much what we did, i kept on doing what we did, till 3 am. i sucked them 5 times , licked their arses, their balls, their nipples, kissed their hairy chests, and got rewarded with their hot arab man juice. I was really in heaven,,, Ahmad had to leave unfortunatly. but i still had NASER (my real hunk) Naser said i would use the bed, and that he will sleep on the floor. I felt so bad, I really realized how genorous arab men are, i went to shower, and when i got back in the room, Naser was already asleep, i climed on the small bed, and smiled, that i achieved one of my dreams, i looked at NASER and i felt so emotional, there he was a sexy beautiful man, 28 years old, living in hell, while we europeans are never satisfied with what we have... i felt a huge urgo to kiss that guy, si i knelt down, and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek as he slept. He felt the kiss, and soon the kiss on the cheek turned into apassionate french kiss, i almost swallowed his tongue, i felt his spit in my mouth, and a minute later, i was sucking him again. I wanted Naser to FUCK me hard, i went up to his ear, licked it, and told him, NASER i want u to fuck me, he said i dont know how, i am not sure i will be good? i told him not to worry, that all he has to do, is lay down, and let me take control... i got a condom and some hand cream from my handbag ( that was the only lubricant i had) i sat on top of him, slowly sliding his cock into my ass, i was in heaven, he was in heaven, his cock was not the biggest dick i saw, but for sure a very thick cock, it took me some time to get used to it being in me.. i rode him like it was my last ride, he was moaning, slow horny moans, ... he came while grabing my buttocks,,, it felt so good.. after that we went to sleep .. the nest morning i went to where i was suppose to do my work, Gaza got bombed on that afternoon. i was forced to leave Gaza at once by the UN forces.. i didnt have a chance to say goodbye to my hunk... to my prince, to my man... i still miss that guy.. he was my first arab.. but for sure not my last arab.... sometimes when i close my eyes, i see Nasers face moaning as i rod him...

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By: Fleet wood

I was almost 12 when my father decided to build an apartment about our garage and at that time there was a number of petty thefts going on in our neighbourhood. So on recommendation from the building foreman he hired a night watchman. Tarak was huge arab who on arriving in America and being uneducated found he had to take what ever job came his way. He had worked the docks, construction, delivery and night watch, so he had survived practically hand to mouth and being a man of little needs he was quite content. I lived with my father since my parents had divorced when I was about 4 years old. My father was devoted to me and I usually always got my way 99% of the time. I often showered with my father when I was younger and he allowed me free access to his body, he figured I was just a very curious child but from when I can remember I've been cock crazy and his big thick cock and balls were a constant intrigue for me until I turned 8. He decided I was becoming obsessed (little did he know) and banished me from his bathroom, although I spied on him and observed him wanking his big stiff cock many a night when he thought I was fast asleep. I taught myself to wank and had indulged in wanking and sucking at my private all boy school. So when Tarak knocked on our back door one hot afternoon it was love at first sight. This huge dark skinned swarthy man with a foreign accent stammered he would like to speak to the man of the house. I ogled the huge arab starting at his smooth shaved head, his rough weather beaten features and huge bull neck that ran into huge muscular shoulders, big muscular arms and a slightly portly stomach. He wore a loose cotton shirt and loose cotton trousers. I informed him that my father was in the study and proceeded to lead the way, turning to make sure he was following and as I turned I suddenly noticed the massive cock swinging against his leg and without realising it I stopped dead in my tracks and gaped openly. Tarak stopped with a puzzled look which instantly turned to a big toothy smile of recognition, he slowly cupped his huge bulge and drawing the cotton fabric tight he outlined his huge cock and balls. "You make sure Tarak get job and you have new toys!" Whispered the dark arab as he fondled himself. I nodded vigorously and led him into the study, where I introduced him to my father and quickly sowed the seeds, commenting on his mere height, build and looks. Mentioning that they alone would scare anyone in their right mind and trying desperately to conceal my bulging pants which Tarak eyed and winked at me when my father wasn't watching him. Eventually my father conceded and Tarak got the job and was to start that evening. As I walked the big 6 ft. plus arab back out through the house I suddenly felt a huge and on my shoulder and in the hallway he stopped me and taking my small hand in his giant sized one he placed my hand on his huge bulge. "Feel, they are yours now, you like?" He stammered quietly. I groped the huge flaccid cock and my hand couldn't quite grip around he girth. A door slammed and Tarak leapt back nervously, smiling he looked around. "We play tonight my little one!" Whispered the giant as he left through the kitchen. I charged upstairs and yanking off my pants I proceeded to wank myself hard and fast until my very watery cum flew through the air and landed on my school books. I had never felt so randy before and as I collapsed on my bed I began to conjure up images of that giant arab and his huge cock. He was 38, unmarried and had been in America about 8 years. The rest flew over my head as he had answered my father and I had studied him from head to huge feet. Five o'clock arrived and I watched as Tarak ambled up the drive way and my father and I walked out to greet him and show him where he would be taking watch. My father inquired as to whether he had eaten and
when Tarak produced his box my father offered him the use of the kitchen to warm his food and make himself tea or coffee. Tarak thanked my father and explained he had been watchman for many years and not to worry, everything and everyone was safe. With that my father left and
I lingered. When he was out of sight Tarak motioned me to follow as he made like he was inspecting the layout and as he climbed the stairs I followed until we were in the half constructed building, the walls were up but no windows. Tarak turned and facing me he dropped his pants and lifted his tunic, exposing his dark skinned torso to me. My eyes drank in his dark skin, (almost black but not quite) and his hairy body, starting at the huge pec's and hairy nipples, down over his paunch which had thick hair swirls covering it and down to his thick bushy pubic hair which crowned his huge thick flaccid cock that although flaccid was easily 7 '' long and as thick as my father's cock when it was pumping jets of cum across his bedroom. Beneath the huge cock lay a pair of balls the size of lemons, I stared at the mass of flesh and noted the heavy forskin the capped the huge cock-head. "You like your new toys?" Asked the dark man as he thrust his hips forwards towards the thin boy. I nodded my head and stepped forwards, reaching for the huge cock, it was so thick I could hardly close my hand around the fleshy sharft
and the veins running the length were almost pencil thick. Igrasped it and began drawing the forskin backwards, exposing a huge purple cock-head. It was the size of a plum and the slit was puffy, I pushed the skin backwards exposing the head completely and felt the shaft pulse and begin to thicken. I began wanking slowly and the giant arab groaned quietly." I know you like as soon I see your eyes, he tell me all."

The huge meat in my hands jerked and began throbbing as I handled it, it lengthened and swelled. Soon my hands couldn't reach around the girth and still it grew bigger, thicker off, it was as thick as a beer can and a good 13 ''. The monstrous cock had a slight curve reminding me of a fishing trip I'd taken with my father and as I wanked it the huge Arab reached and hefted his massive scrotum. He squeezed and his huge balls the size of lemons were outlined as he
massaged himself. Precum was flowing from the monstrous cock-head and as I wanked a slick sound good be heard as the forskin covered and uncovered the dark purple head. Tarak was moaning in Arabic as his big hand grasped my head and pulled me forwards, smearing precum over my lips, nose and cheeks. I licked the monstrous head feverishly and on instruction from Tarak I began to gently bite the thick ridge and drill my tongue into the half inch slit. Tarak was groaning and I had to caution him that my father was nearby, as he acknowledged he reached for his big brown nipple and squeezing and pulling it roughly he up ground his teeth and rolled his eyes. I was frantically wanking his monstrous cock with two hands and by now it was a good 14 '' and rock hard. It suddenly dawned on me that he was almost as big as my father's stallion's cock which was practically one metre in length. His huge muscular thighs bulged with building tension, I released one hand groped his hard hairy muscular butt over. I had seen this done in one of my father's porno movies he thought he had safely hidden. Tarak released his muscles and I found his butt-hole and as he moved his legs astride I gently probed the round wrinkly rossette until my finger penetrated and Tarak groaned, he extracted my finger and after placing it between his thick lips he sucked and licked until my whole hand was in his mouth, then he guided my hand back to his butt-hole and I began inserting my lubricated finger, again on instruction I inserted two and so on until my four fingers and half hand was firmly embedded. Tarak had grasped his huge meat and was wanking with me as he reached behind and pushed until my whole hand entered his spinchter and as his butt-hole closed over my he cried out loudly. I quickly shushed him but to late as we both suddenly heard my father's deep voice.
"WHAT THE HELL!" We both froze and my father materialised like magic from nowhere, as we turned our heads there he was with his track pants down and his big 8" cock standing proudly to attention. Before I could move my father was standing before Tarak with his hands wrapped around the monstrous cock. "WOW!! That's some fucking monster you've got here!" Whistled
my father. Wanked"Man Oh Man!" My father lent forwards and began licking and attempting to suck the monstrous cock-head, Tarak grasped my arm and began inching my arm into heads furnace got butt. Eventually my father moved around Tarak and as I extracted my arm he inserted his big cock.

He thrust himself to the hilt and Tarak groaned and continued moaning as he fucked the huge arab harder and harder until he was piledriving the big coffee coloured man. I moved back to Tarak's monstrous cock and wanked him as fast as my thin arms could move. Tarak squeezed his balls mercilessly and pulled his nipples just as mercilessly while he very vocally groaned and thrust is hips in a rotation. Sweat ran down as rough featured face and his thick lips were drawn back, bearing his teeth. My father was also drenched in sweat as he thrust savagely, pounding the arab's butt-hole. "I CUM! Cried Tarak as I felt as cock thicken still more and his huge balls pulled up under his monstrous sharft. The veins bulged incredibly along the arab's sharft and as he cried out in his native tongue, cum erupted from his monstrous cock-head. It hit me in the face and I quickly directed the blasts into my mouth and swallowed as much as I could until my mouth overflowed and cum ran my chin and still strong blasts of cum flew from the monstrous cock and drenched my body. Tarak continued vocally and soon my father joined him.
"OH! OH YES! OH OH SWEET MERCY! I'M I'M COMING! FUCKING HELL! OH! O000HHH! FFFUCKINNGG HHHEELL!! YEEESSS! YYESS! UUUUNNNGGG! UUNNG! UNG!Yes ! yes! yes, yes!" Screamed my father as he thrust his hips against Tarak and his body jerked spasmodically. "WOW! I cried, "You guys surely can holla up a storm." I yelled. I watched as father extracted his hard cock from Tarak's butt-hole and stagger to catch his balance. The big 8" cock that made me was here before my eyes and still throbbing, I reached out and grasped it, slowly wanking it. "Easy son, just give me a minute to catch my breath." Smiled my father as he eased my hand off his sensitive cock. I was disappointed but at least I'd touched it and my cock was throbbing. Tarak grasped my trousers and yanking them down
he reached for my throbbing 6 '' and again wanking me with his giant hand, I grabbed his still rock hard monster and together me wanked each other in unison. Tarak lifted me and placed me on a upturned box and began sucking my nipples and as his thick brown lips worked down to cock, I was whimpering in ecstasy. As his lips closed around my cock I shuddered and thrust vigorously at his mouth. Suddenly I felt my father kissing my back and butt, as he drew my butt cheeks apart and began running his tongue over my butt-hole. Then he jabbed it into me, I clenched up but soon relaxed and allowed him to penetrate me. My father reached around and grasping Tarak's monstrous cock he began wanking the arab as he tongue fucked me. Tarak groaned around my throbbing 6" cock and the vibration sent waves of ecstasy flooding through me. Both men worked on me and soon I was shooting my watery boy cum into Tarak's mouth. My body convulsed as my orgasm exploded. Tarak gently lay me down as my breathing raced and I slowly floated back to reality.

My father was working on the arab's monstrous cock, wanking and licking at the huge dark purple cock-head. I quickly approached and kneeling my grasped my father's big cock and guided it between my lips, engulfing the precum leaking cock-head and sucking lovingly. At last my dream had come true, I worked my father's cock and just as I was getting into it. "One minute son, there's something I want while you're down there." Said my father as a produced a tube on lubricant. I watched in awe as he lubricated his butt-hole and then he turned to Tarak's monstrous cock and liberally lubricated it. Then he handed the lubrication to Tarak who squeezed it into as hands and rubbed then together. Tarak then inserted one finger up my father's butt-hole, the thick finger entered without much resistance. Soon Tarak had three thick fingers stretching and working my father. Next he inserted a fourth and half his giant hand, I watched my father grimace and after a short while he began pushing backwards. Tarak folded his thumb inwards and slowly stretched my father's butt-hole as his hand slowly entered. My father groaned as Tarak's hand and wrist moved into him, inch by inch. My was astounded as Tarak slowly extracted his hand and guiding his monstrous cock against my father's butt-hole he
slowly inserted it. After about 4 '' he stopped and my father wiped the sweat from his eyes, Tarak then proceeded and soon 8 '' of monstrous cock was embedded in my father. I was completely flabbergasted but very, very turned on, as Tarak began to slowly rock back and forth my father motioned me to him and as I crawled over, I grasped his semi erect cock and began sucking. Soon it was rock hard and my father and Tarak were once more very vocal, I sucked vigorously and reached around and explored my father's ver stuffed butt-hole as Tarak's monstrous cock plowed and ravaged it. Suddenly Tarak began shouting out in Arabic and I knew he ready to cum, I sucked harder and grasping my father's balls I worked them until my mouth was flooded with the very sperm that made me. I sucked and wanked vigorously as jet after jet blew into my mouth and down my throat. My father gently pushed me from his over sensitive cock and I quickly stood to view Tarak crouched over my father's back, his face completely distorted in ecstasy. When his breathing regulated he slowly extracted his cock which was a good 10 '' up my father, the monstrous cock withdrew with cum, lubrication, juices and smears of blood, I couldn't believe my father had just been fucked by the biggest cock I had ever seen. (In fact it was the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life) and he enjoyed it, needless to say Tarak moved into our lives and he still lives with cock father today. I tried to take Tarak's cock but the pain was undescribable, although he has fucked my thighs many, many times and I've drank gallons of his rich arab cum. I've fucked both Tarak and my father many times from the age of 14 to 30 and believe me I'm hard pressed to find an adequate lover to match them.

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